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Just a gallery of an ordinary university student who wishes she studied art.
I've started posting my drawings to dA as a hobby a long time ago...I've been figuring stuff out ever since then, and I made huge progress compared to what I used to be, but I've still got lots to develop.
Mostly OCs and gijinkas and RP group stuff...and sometimes fanart.


Our stories by crino-line
Our stories
forgot to post this here, but these are my submissions to the RWBY OC yearbook project, "Our Stories". 
You can see their quotes if you get a copy c: (and fear my terrible english)

Team DWSK (Vale/Beacon) - "dusk". 1st year students based on stories related to night/darkness.
 - Dyana Banafsh
 - Walter Noisette
 - Sieben Rabe
 - Kanna Tsukishiro

Team SGLW (Vale/Beacon) - "sunglow". Senior students based on daytime/sky.
 - Sagrado Costa
 - Gallian Wright
 - Limerick Wright
 - Nauja Willian

Team STLA (Vacuo/Shade) - "stella". 2nd year students based on constellations and myths that are related to them.
 - Soma Sonnenblume
 - Treu Plava
 - Loden Bronce
 - Ange Anemone


I've never really introduced the Wright twins and STLA here, but yes they're my OCs.
Gallian and Limerick are based on Wright brothers, and STLA are constellations and myths (Aquilla/Ganymede, Canis Major/Laelaps, Perseus, Virgo/Astraea). 
I'm more active on my oc blog on tumblr, so you'll probably be able to see more of them there. (

Dyana, Sieben, Sagrado, Nauja (c) Jaciopara
the rest (c) me/crino-line
DWSK - alternate gears by crino-line
DWSK - alternate gears
Team DWSK alternate combat gears (theme is military ranks)

Dyana - Marshal
Walt - Commander
Sieben - Colonel
Kanna - Admiral

Team DWSK (c) Jaciopara and I
DS belongs to Jaci, WK belongs to me
DWSK - Kanna Tsukishiro by crino-line
DWSK - Kanna Tsukishiro
Team DWSK close combat expert - Kanna Tsukishiro

She seems affable but inside she is apathetic and doesn't care/believe in others. She is basically polite and calm with a lack of up and down in emotion. She is also pessimistic, and blunt towards positive emotion. Her weapon are dual kodachi (short katana) with handgun/wire function.

motif is Princess Kaguya. 

Team DWSK (c) Jaciopara and I
Kanna is my character
DWSK - Sieben Rabe by crino-line
DWSK - Sieben Rabe
Team DWSK heavy hitter/tank - Sieben Rabe

Brusque silent type. He seems intimidating but he's actually nice in an awkward way. His weapon is a zweihander shotgun. He is a Raven Faunus with wings, but usually bundles them inside his clothes (there a zipper at his back where he can poke those wings out from)

motif is the Seven Ravens. 

Team DWSK (c) Jaciopara and I
Sieben is Jaci's character and she draws him like 10000 times hotter than how I draw gdi how do you even bara jaci
DWSK - Walter Noisette by crino-line
DWSK - Walter Noisette
Team DWSK commander/strategist - Walter Noisette (Walt)

Typical honor student who is strict to his surroundings, but is the most strict to himself. He wields Dust with his rifle, like a colorguard/drum major.

motif is the Nutcracker. 

Team DWSK (c) Jaciopara and I
Walt is my character

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